About Us

Experience You Can Count On

We are a hotel improvement company based out of the United States and in Asia.  

Our service includes a detailed expertise in the analysis of your operations and the knowledge of what is needed to score well with your customers.  We work to teach, train and to provide your organization with positioning itself to have the best chance at sustained success.

 There are a few options, most hotels prefer us to come provide a detailed consultation report which ranges from two days to two months.  This is a hands on approach at improving your hotel in effort to position itself wisely to increase the chances of scoring well.  We come to your hotel and provide the detailed training, analysis of your scores, operations and we work with you in putting it all together to put the best action plan into place and re-position yourself in certain areas accordingly.  We will give you the best chance at achieving success.

How do we do it?

My fifteen years between being a front-desk agent to working for corporate as a Director of Customer Experience has led me to this current company and to reaching you now.  Our accomplishments and customer service improvements speak for themselves and we will continue that guaranteed satisfaction.  

For the time we are at your hotel, you will be getting the finest leadership you can imagine.  All of the right work habits are brought into play and the goal is to relentlessly work on doing the right things to setting up the hotel in offering the best possible customer experience for each guest.  So in working passionately towards that, along the way we provide and conduct formal training necessary to succeed.  We will teach your associates how to be perceived in the necessary way to score well (we will teach them the different general interactions and what the customer is thinking in that situation).  Not only that, but we will teach how to be perceived as desired (warm,friendly,helpful, (made it easy for them, etc.))  Two official formal training classes to be offered (video taping ok) one for the management team, to breakdown the scoring platform and how everything is related off of that.  Also will be included in this meeting are key brand required items, operational and communication details needed.

There is structure put in place so that the organization is not exposed in any areas.  One of the biggest items we usually systematically add is for the department managers to utilize the scoring data for the benefit of promoting to improve the culture, performance recap meetings with their team members, communication at pre-shift on team leaders and where the department stands from its goal (getting the whole team to climb a board the mission.  

At the end of the services provided there will be an increase in awareness to the guest scoring and as a result there will be more of a organizational mindful approach to perform better.  The hotel will be better positioned in several key areas: 

1. Efficiencies- we will make sure that your hotel is efficient (people on time for meetings, meetings make an impact, items get communicated, etc.) 

2. Staff will be more poised (because how we will adjust management/supervisors) to keep the team calm,poised and mindful of the mission (each guest counts/each guest if we have a positive interaction with them, we have a chance at scoring well).  Not only will they be more poised but they will have a better understanding of what the guest is thinking and how to be perceived in offering that guest a pleasant interaction.  With additional formal training provided (common guest situations/challenges) and the verbiage best utilized to be perceived as desired.

3. Systematically there will be a relentless reiteration of the scores and creating an awareness to them that will never be let up.  This is the implementation of each department tracking certain scores and doing required tasks with them in order to help the hotel push towards the mission of sustaining great scores.  Some of these examples include:

Each department having a customer service board and posting the leader boards and conducting their pre-shift meeting there.

Sharing top performers weekly via email (have a guest champion) send out specific reports and highlight top performance in certain areas and provide some direction into closing out the rest of the month.

Utilizing the tracking forms, a snapshot of the hotel performance is easily created off of the departments performance cards.  This is an opportunity to email the entire hotel staff with how they did and then steer them accordingly going into the next month.

All in all, our company is undefeated with improving hotels customer service scores.  We will do the same for you.  The opportunity to ensure that the systems and standards we put in place "stick" is important and generally hotels prefer a monthly or bi-weekly conference call post consulting (for a few calls).   

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